This page is updated frequently, as there are always new products on the horizon. 

Please Read Our Pre-Order Policies Below 

Buy with confidence! All Orders ship on their street date.

Pre-Order Policy

Orders made containing both a "Pre-Order" item, and a normal in stock item, will remain pending until those Pre-Order item(s) are in stock and the order is ready to ship in it's entirety.

Once your pre-order has been placed, please contact us regarding ANY modifications, cancellations or combining of multiple orders.

While we will try to accommodate most requests for modifications, cancellations and the combination of different orders can be accommodated, please note that order invoices are physically printed prior to the release date to ensure that they are shipped on the release date.

Cancelling Pre-Orders

Once an order invoice is printed (usually within 24 hours of payment), a 20% restock/cancellation fee (calculated based on the cost of the pre-order item(s) on the order), will be charged for any cancellations.

We have to pay the manufacturer for your pre-order item(s) the same day you pay us.

We will not be able to waive this fee if we have already paid our distributor for your pre-order.

If we have to cancel a pre-order due to a manufacturer cancellation/allocation or an error on our part, the 20% fee will be waived and your entire purchase amount will be refunded.

Please note that we will not make exceptions to these policies.