Warpaints Complete Paint Set 2017 Ltd Ed Pre-Order yours NOW at Dicehead Games!

Warpaints Complete Paint Set 2017 Ltd Ed

$350.00 SRP

The Complete Wargamers Paint Set includes every color from The Army Painters new fantastic range. As a serious Wargamer and painter you will get EVERYTHING in this box you will ever need in order to paint any type of army, No-matter the size of the miniatures or genre. The Warpaints are creamy and highly pigmented with astonishing blending capabilities, the washes cover perfect and the metallics are the absolutely best in the industry. There are also 9 Effect Paints for anything from Glistening Blood to Wet Mud, Dry Rust or Disgusting Slime! Furthermore—you will find gloss and matte varnishes as well as both Wash Medium and Warpaints Medium for thinning and blending colors to perfection. This set offers massive saving and even includes our five most popular Wargamer brushes absolutely free.


124 Warpaints
96 Acrylic Warpaints
8 Metallic Warpaints
11 Quickshade Washes
9 Effects Warpaints
5 Wargamer Brushes
1 The Army Painter Painting Guides
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