Light up your Minis with Powered Play Gaming NOW at DICEHEAD.COM!


Powered Play Gaming has finally arrived at DICEHEAD.COM!

This awesome product line enables you to light up your models and really bring them to life!
Were you there when the lights came on? Have you been in the dark to the best mods? We’ve got your answer.
PoweredPlay Gaming aims to electrify play, spark personal creativity, and empower individuality in gamers, hobbyists and collectors alike. From lights, to smoke, to sound and more, we’re giving you the tools and components to customize your armies, planes, historical models and whatever your mind can create.
Our first product, which we launched on Kickstarter is our Alpha Kit. We call it the Alpha Kit because it’s our first and most versatile product that you can put anywhere.
We designed our product lights to ready to be installed into your models, right out of the package. No soldering, no taping, no crimping. The lights come in 5mm or 3mm sizes, which we found to be perfect for:
  • 1/125 historical models
  • 28mm tabletop gaming models and terrain
  • Collectables like G.I Joe, Gundam, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.
  • Cosplay
  • Toys and RC and other applications.
Individually, Alpha Kits will come pre-packaged with one Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White LED string.

You can find the entire range of Powered Pay Gaming HERE at DICEHEAD.COM

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