Warmachine The Protectorate of Menoth Hand of Judgment Character Heavy Warjack Now on Pre-Order at DICEHEAD.COM

Warmachine: The Protectorate of Menoth: 
Hand of Judgment: Character Heavy Warjack

$59.99 SRP  $41.99 at DICEHEAD.COM

Hand of Judgment exists for a single purpose: to execute the will of Feora, Priestess and Protector of the Flame. Armed with an immolator cannon and a massive mace, this mighty warjack brings Menoth’s cleansing fire against those arrayed against the Protectorate. Zealous in smiting its enemies, it has demonstrated a dangerous temper only Feora can keep in check. Wherever she treads, Hand of Judgment follows, eager to slip its leash to destroy those who displease its master.

This comes in a box.

1 Hand of Judgment
1 Color stat card
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