Warmachine: Cygnar: Ace: Character Light Warjack Now on Pre-Order at DICEHEAD.COM

Warmachine: Cygnar: Ace: Character Light Warjack

$24.99 SRP  $17.49 at DICEHEAD.COM

Designed in secret by the Cygnaran Armory to carry out covert operations for the Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service, Ace was built as a one-of-a-kind prototype. The machine integrated an experimental mechanikal device intended to camouflage the warjack, rendering it almost invisible in the field. Though the original chassis of the ’jack was destroyed during an operation in Llael in 596 AR, Allister Caine was able to recover Ace’s cortex. Since the warjack’s reconstruction, Caine has relied on it during a number of CRS missions requiring an abundance of both discretion and firepower.

Ace comes in a blister (PIP 31108). A player may field one Ace in a Cygnar army.

1 Ace
1 Color stat card
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