Coming Soon to DICEHEAD.COM Warmachine The Protectorate of Menoth: Hand of Judgment

Warmachine: The Protectorate of Menoth: Hand of Judgment: Character Heavy Warjack

$59.99 SRP  $41.99 at DICEHEAD.COM

Hand of Judgment exists for a single purpose: to execute the will of Feora, Priestess and Protector of the Flame. Armed with an immolator cannon and a massive mace, this mighty warjack brings Menoth’s cleansing fire against those arrayed against the Protectorate. Zealous in smiting its enemies, it has demonstrated a dangerous temper only Feora can keep in check. Wherever she treads, Hand of Judgment follows, eager to slip its leash to destroy those who displease its master.

All Privateer Press miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
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