DICEHEAD.COM Monthly Gamer Mystery Boxes Now Available in SCI-FI or FANTASY


The DICEHEAD.COM Monthly Gamer Mystery Boxes are Now Available in SCI-FI or FANTASY


Just let us know what theme you want your box to come in when calling in your order!
Monthly Subscriber? Just note in the Payment Details if you want a Sci-Fi or Fantasy Themed box!

September Monthly Mystery Boxes Ship the first week of September! - And you can still ORDER YOURS (guaranteed Sep contents) UNTIL NEXT MONDAY August 31st!

That's right, it's that time of month again...MYSTERY BOX WEEK! There is still time to get in on this months Mystery Box, so don't miss out on some Sweet Gamer Goodies!


Don't forget that now, every month, ONE lucky subscriber will receive a HOT BOX, filled with over $200 worth of product!
Just another reason to subscribe to our Gamer Mystery Box!
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This Months Featured Company - Mantic Games!

Every month we will have a featured Company Sponsoring our Mystery Box and this month is Mantic Minis!
--------------- MANTIC GAMES
STAT LINES: -----------------
Mantic Games - www.manticgames.com
Mantic Games brings you Fantastic Miniatures that can be used in their games or any of your existing game systems.
Kings of War is their Fantasy based game that provides you with models that can be used in WFB games as well as KoW. 2nd Edition is AVAILABLE NOW and is the Best Square-Based Mass Model Fantasy Game on the Market!
Dreadball is a Sci-Fi Sports game. Fast, Furious and Fun, this game is not overly complicated but still provides great depth in characters and league possibilities while keeping the game moving! Playing time is usually 30 mins to 1 hour max which makes this a great Saturday league day game! And Dreadball Extremetakes it all to another level!
Deadzone is their awesome Sci-Fi Skirmish game with fantastic models and great rules.
Battlezones Terrain - This stuff is super awesome! Easy to build, snap together your terrain in anyway you want and then take it apart and build it another way. Paints quick and easy to make look great on the tabletop. Also, super cost efficient way to cover an entire table!
Mars Attacks - That's right, just like the movie and bubble gum cards. Fantastic Minis and loads of fun!
Warpath is their Mass Battle System sporting more of their unique armies and models.
Dungeon Saga is Mantics classic Dungeon Crawl game and is scheduled for release this year. It looks to be one of the most promising new releases from any company this year so be sure to stay tuned for special release promos from Dicehead.com!

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