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Star Wars: Imperial Assault: 
Hired Guns Villain Pack

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Across the galaxy, there are always beings willing to risk life and honor in exchange for the right price. Now the Mercenaries of the galaxy swell their ranks with some…expendable warriors. You’ll find two Hired Guns figures in the Hired Guns Villain Pack, both ready to pledge their allegiance to the Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance, or the highest bidder.

A team of Hired Guns can make life difficult for the Rebel heroes in any campaign with the addition of the new Nefarious Dealings three-card Agenda set. You may challenge the heroes to stop a deal from being forged between the Imperials and a group of dangerous mercenaries. If the heroes cannot halt this back-room bargain before the terms are decided, the Imperial player gains the benefits of Mercenary Ties for the remainder of the campaign. Alternatively, you may disrupt trade routes across the galaxy to keep the heroes from getting the supplies and equipment they need.

The Hired Guns can prove to be a potent addition to your skirmish armies. Without expending many points, you can gain two disposable warriors to make an opening assault or work as a screen for your more powerful figures. Of course, there’s plenty more content for your skirmishes in the Hired Guns Villain Pack. You’ll find a new skirmish map that invites you to complete two new missions within the sewers of Nar Shaddaa. Four Command cards also allow you to flee from your enemies, or even push them away from victory when they destroy your units!

Requires the Star Wars: Imperial Assault main game to play.
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