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The August Monthly Gamer Mystery Boxes are Shipping Soon and there is still time to get yours NOW!


August Monthly Mystery Boxes Ship FRIDAY of THIS WEEK! - And you can still ORDER YOURS UNTIL NEXT MONDAY!

That's right, it's that time of month again...MYSTERY BOX WEEK! There is still time to get in on this months Mystery Box, so don't miss out on some Sweet Gamer Goodies!


Don't forget that now, every month, ONE lucky subscriber will receive a HOT BOX, filled with over $200 worth of product!
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This Months Featured Company - Secret Weapon Miniatures!

Every month we will have a featured Company Sponsoring our Mystery Box and this month is Secret Weapon Minis!
--------------- SECRET WEAPON MINIS STAT LINES: -----------------
Secret Weapon Minatures - secretweaponminiatures.com
Secret Weapon Miniatures brings you Fantastic Weathering Pigments, Washes, Bases and Conversion Bits that can be used in any miniature game system!
BASES: Their unique, multi-themed bases line is HUGE! Choose from beveled edge or round lipped and sizes for every miniature on the market!
WASHES and WEATHERING PIGMENTS: You need it washed or weathered? Look no further!
Some of the best on the market can be found at Secret Weapon Minis!
You just need to visit their website or DICEHEAD.COM to see exactly what these guys provide! They have an Amazing selection of terrain, bits, brass etchings and more!

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