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Looking for a game to fill that Square-Base Sized Hole in your Hobby?

Kings of War is THE BEST Mass Combat Fantasy Game Available!


1 - Rules written by Alessio Cavatore (Warhammer 40,000, Bolt Action) Kings of War is a game for gamers, by gamers!
2 - Elegant easy-to-learn rules, balanced and playtested by the community for casual and tournament play.
3 - Play with your existing square-based minis or start a New Army with a wide selection of Fantasy Races not offered any place else, such as Abysall Dwarfs, Basileans (Angelic) and Manly Kingdoms of Men!
4 - New Armies are CHEAP to build! The cost to build an entire army using New Mantic Miniatures is about $250.00 in SRP!
5 - Mantic Games offers TONS of FREE Community Support! 
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THE 2nd EDITION RULEBOOK IS ON PRE-ORDER NOW at DICEHEAD.COM for 25% OFF SRP, Offered in 3 Different Variants, Soft Cover (SC), Hard Cover (HC) and the Deluxe Game Edition.
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For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, you will get the Undead Revenant Standard EXCLUSIVE DICEHEAD.COM Model for FREE with Every HC or Deluxe Edition Purchase!

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