Cave Troll Coming Soon to Dicehead Games

Cave Troll

$34.95 SRP


The thief stepped gingerly over a moldering skeleton, gripping her knives tightly. She’d heard rumors of a treasure chest in this chamber, overflowing with arcane jewels, gilded weapons, and enough gold to buy her way out of her dangerous life. This was the room – but it was empty save for inch-deep dust and a yawning pit, rimmed with crumbling stone blocks. The thief stumbled back as a wraith manifested above the pit with a ghastly screech, its translucent robes billowing in a wind she could not feel and its decaying hands already reaching for her…

An ancient dungeon has been discovered, filled with treasure for anyone to claim. Unfortunately, this information is no secret. Others have heard of the same dungeon, and even now, they race to seize the gold before you. Your time is limited: gather your forces and enter the dungeon!

Cave Troll invites you to command noble heroes and deadly monsters in a game of strategic positioning and adventure. In every game, you and your opponents enter a twisted dungeon in search of gold at any cost. Rather than controlling a single hero, however, you command both heroes and monsters. By strategically positioning your heroes throughout the dungeon, you can claim gold from certain rooms, but you must always be on your guard. Each player can use monsters to disrupt his opponents’ plans and destroy enemy heroes. In your hour of need, an unearthed artifact may tilt the odds in your favor, but at the end of the game, the player who has gathered the most gold from the dungeon is victorious.

2-4 players
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