Hordes Minions: Splatter Boar and Gun Boar Farrow Light Warbeast on PRE-ORDER NOW at DICEHEAD.COM!

Hordes: Minions: Splatter Boar: Farrow Light Warbeast

$21.99 SRP

At his remote laboratory, Dr. Arkadius has been able to indulge his scientific and surgical theories to create frighteningly specialized warbeasts. Fitted with a mortar and a bandolier of shells containing highly volatile substances, the masked splatter boar trades accuracy for the ability to bombard anything and everything with corrosive chemicals and panic-inducing gases.

1 Splatter Boar
1 Color stat card

Hordes: Minions: Gun Boar: Farrow Light Warbeast

$21.99 SRP

For generations, boars have been trained for battle by the farrow. These boars have become powerful weapons in the arsenal of the Thornfall Alliance. The lumbering gun boars are walking artillery platforms in the service of Lord Carver. These warbeasts turn their cannons upon enemy formations to scatter them with explosive force. 

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 75064 contains the same stat cards as PIP 75030.

1 Gun Boar
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