Star Wars: Force and Destiny: Savage Spirits Sourcebook Coming Soon to Dicehead Games & Comics

Star Wars: Force and Destiny: Savage Spirits Sourcebook
$29.95 SRP

“The light - it’s always been there. It’ll guide you.”
   –Maz Kanata, The Force Awakens

The Force drives some to become Guardians, stalwart protectors of those in need. Others, it shapes into Warriors, military leaders eager to take the front lines. Others are turned by the Force towards medicine and diplomacy. And others, the Force leads on a relentless journey across the galaxy and deep into unexplored wildernesses. Known as Seekers, these pragmatic Force users live by their own rules, relying wholly on their own strengths, wits, and powers to survive. To guide these independent galactic wanderers, Fantasy Flight has crafted Savage Spirits, an upcoming sourcebook for the Star Wars: Force and Destiny Roleplaying Game roleplaying game.

Within its 96 full-color pages, players will find everything necessary for wilderness survival. In addition to Seeker specializations and signature abilities, Savage Spirits introduces copious amounts of survival and medical gear, expanded rules for wilderness settings, and a new Force power, Farsight, that enables PCs to see at great distances even when their eyes cannot. A bestiary is included that introduces numerous creatures to the Force and Destiny system, and offers Game Masters outlines for Seeker-focused adventures and campaigns.

As a Seeker or any other Force sensitive, you have no choice but to embark upon your destined journey. The Force will set you on that path whether you desire it or not, as it did with Luke Skywalker, as it did with his father Anakin, as it did with Ezra Bridger, Ahsoka Tano, and so many before them. But you’ll soon find that at the heart of that journey is a relentless question: is the dark side or the light your guide? Will you live in tune with the living Force, as at home in the wilderness as in the comforts of a city, or will you choose instead to seek and destroy, succumbing to the thrill of the hunt and the allure of power?

96 pages
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